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California Christians Vandalize Atheist Community Service Sign

The Atheists of Butte County, California do their bit for community service, working to clean up litter off the roads. That’s why the Atheists of Butte County have a sign by the side of the road, recognizing their service in… Continue Reading →

Bangalore, Where Sharing Religious Dissent Is A Crime

To understand why godless Americans are so keen on preserving the separation of church and state in the USA, it’s useful to look at what happens in those countries outside the United States where religious groups are allowed to control… Continue Reading →

Police Across America Using Their Power To Force People Into Christianity

This month, Americans United for Separation of Church and State describes the growth of police programs that work with churches to force people to choose between going to prison, or going to churches where they will subjected to Christian conversion… Continue Reading →

Imagine Our Money Freed From Theocracy

The Freedom From Religion Foundation acknowledges the simple fact that the Constitution is supposed to prevent acts by the government to establish religion, such as we see in the motto printed on all US money, “In God We Trust”. The… Continue Reading →

Promoting Atheism On US Currency?

In an article about common perceptions of atheists by non-atheists, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, considers the idea of whether “Atheists seek to remove religion from society, and to force all people to be atheists”. When addressing any categorical… Continue Reading →

If We Trust In God, Why Do We Have Laws?

The American Humanist Association has published an article by lawyer Colin Flannery, who questions the assertion, implied by the motto stamped onto our nation’s money that America is filled people who trust in God. Flannery writes that, “very few people… Continue Reading →

Making September 11 Into A Christian Holiday

When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell, there were atheists inside the buildings. There were atheists among the bereaved. There were atheists among the rescuers, right alongside Christians. So, why is it that the 9/11 National Museum… Continue Reading →

What We Trust In

This site is for the increasing number of Americans who, in defiance of the motto on our nation’s money, do not trust in God. It’s for Americans who don’t believe in gods. It’s for Americans who are agnostic about belief… Continue Reading →

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